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I help in creation of remarkable visual communication that bridges the gap between design and business.



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Company ID — Adam Zielonko
VAT-ID PL588 208 40 29
REGON: 221038951

Iʼm a Product Designer from Poland with over 10 years of experience in the field. Since I started, I have been designing Brand Identities, Websites and User Interfaces for various global clients, working together with amazing people from all over the world.

I believe that most of the time spent on creating something isn’t only about a nice interface or graphic design. It’s about bringing value to people and profit to a company. I create expressive and tailor-made design solutions that meet both these criteria.

What I do —
Product Design (UX + UI + Visual) / Branding & Identity Systems / Web Design

Awards & Recognitions —
In 2017 I've been featured on 365 Awesome Designers.

Besides, I have been featured and my work has been awarded on many professional platforms, e.g. Behance Branding Served (5x), CollectUI, DesignInEurope, DzineWatch, Bashooka, Abduzeedoo, Illustrateyourself, DoseOfDesign.

Selected brands I have worked with —