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In 2014 I was responsible for rebranding which included creating a new logo and refreshing websites' layout. The thing that was to be preserved was the perception of UXPin brand as more exclusive and status oriented. This trait has been kept up to this day and one of the most importatnt UXPin values is the beauty of the interface, which makes it stand out from the rest. Simplicity, sophistication, cold, surgical purity is something that strongly attracts the viewer to the brand, no matter what channel of communication is used.

Solution & Outcomes

I have designed a new logo which helped to avoid many basic graphic problems with the previous one (e.g. the new logo has more light, the letter-frame ratio has been improved ). I have prepared a brand book which describes the rules for the trademark . I have used the ITC Franklin Gothic font for the name, its style perfectly corresponds with the tone that UXPin would like to emphasise in its visual communication. The new logo became the basis for the brand identity of UXPin products (including Inspire, Patterns, Notes) and up to this day it functions very well in all channels of communication, both digital and offline.


UXPin Sp. z o.o.
Branding / UI / Art Direction
2014 - present

Besides the logo, I've also created Brand Guidelines, which is essentially a set of rules that explains how to treat the UXPin trademark. It contains elements like typography guidelines, colour palette and recommended icons.

Proxima Nova typeface is an excellent counterpart to the logo typeface because of its geometrical character. It makes a good match with the square too.

One of the rules of fonts pairing is to combine typefaces that have the same x-height (illustrated below).

I've prepared an essential set of custom icons which are based on geometrical grid and became a fundament for the next sets of icons.


Apart from projects strictly connected with the brand, I've been involved in UI/Visual Design creation in many digital fields, e.g. Homepage, Editor (app) elements, mailings, and many more.